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Discover wellness by caring for the network that connects your body, nervous system and mind.

Network Care in Issaquah WA is the combination of Network Spinal Analysis (largely discussed here) and Somato-Respiratory Integration in Issaquah WA. It’s an innovative approach which encourages the body to develop new strategies for dealing with everyday life and bodily stress. Network Care is the primary clinical approach that we take at Way of Life Wellness Center because if its ability to break the cycle of stress, pain and negative health effects. Through gentle touches which are applied at certain Spinal Gateways, the brain can be trained to create better connections with the body and, in particular, the spine. Because of this revitalization of the relationship between the brain and the nervous system, Contact Us so we can empower you to use the energy built up in spinal tension to actually fuel and benefit the healing process.

What can Network Care do for you in Issaquah WA?

Network Care has helped many to enjoy a higher quality of life in their everyday experiences. They report that this happens because their Network Care treatments provide them with:

  • Better Physical Wellness— Because the network connecting your body and mind is nurtured, the mind’s powerful healing nature can more easily be applied to bodily suffering. Also, releasing tension through the cooperation of mind and body can relieve many of your aches and pains.
  • Improved Mental and Emotional Wellness— Because the connections between your body and mind are tended, your mind is free to be more aware of the body and the body’s healing tension can be used to assist in the mind’s day-to-day difficulties.
  • Stress Reduction— Using the forces built up by stress-caused spinal tension to heal the body means using stress’ own weapons against it, leaving you feeling more relaxed and in control.
  • Enhanced Healthy Decision Making— When you’re listening to your whole self, not just your body or your mind individually, it’s just easier to make decisions which lead towards total wellness as your motivations are more balanced.

How does Network Care work?

The goal is to work with your body to enhance awareness and connectivity between your body’s different systems. Healing waves develop on the spine which helps relieve painful tension and improve integration between the spine, nervous system and brain. Through a series of levels, the body is better trained and better able to explore new stages of interconnectivity.

Level 1 – Discover
The first level focuses on relieving tension through gentle touches on the spine. Your brain focuses on these gentle touches in ways which encourage change in your brain, and your body will start to follow the healing wave pattern when you breathe. Experiencing the healing wave will increase your awareness of your own spine and body and help you improve your posture and flexibility, which goes a long way in relieving pain. Level 1 visits are encouraged to be held two to three times per week and are focused on getting you to become more aware of the wave within your body.

Level 2 – Transform
In the second level, your body has adjusted to the changes in its networks and feels secure enough to continue its progress. Here, we implement longer touches to help the body-mind relationship grow even deeper. You will find that you are more self-aware and that your posture dramatically changes. You’ll also find that you have more control and awareness of the tensions in your body, particularly your spine. During this stage, a second powerful wave will begin to emerge, one which brings with it a deeper awareness of network connectivity. You’ll find that you feel more connected to your body, are able to better coordinate your physical feelings and your emotional feelings, and you will be able to deal with stress in a more balanced way. Your experience of life will improve as you develop a sense of freedom and cohesiveness. Level 2 visits are encouraged bi-weekly and then as you progress they will only be recommended once a week.

Lifelong Improvement – Awaken
The training that your mind and body receive during Network Care will follow you throughout your life, but the research shows that the longer you participate in Network Care, the more connected and cohesive your body will become, resulting in an increased sense of well-being. Continuing with Network Care visits will help you deepen your network connectivity, better your body’s strategies for dealing with life, and improve your overall life experience.

Get started!

If you’re ready to try the life-changing benefits of Network Care for yourself, Book an appointment with Way of Life Wellness Center today! Dr. Shima Silber has been studying with Dr. Donald Epstein (the founder of Network Spinal Analysis) for over 20 years and is eager to help you discover the changes this innovative approach can have for yourself!

NSA/Network Care Research

Network Care is a cutting-edge practice which is gaining more and more recognition from the broader medical community. To read more about the clinical studies and academic articles on Network Care, look no further! We’ve provided a basic library for you here.

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