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Chiropractic Issaquah WA Levels Of Care

Network Care in Issaquah WA provides three levels of care based on developing skills and strategies of your body. Your body develops new self-organization skills at each level of care and the function of your body and spine improves with each step you take. This allows parts of your body to connect to other parts creating a new, more efficient structure. From here you become more self-correcting because of the links that have developed which connect you to more of yourself and everything around you. Attaining optimal spinal health involves specific body learning and awareness, with different achievements for each level. Consistent reexamination will chart your progress and determine whether you are ready for more advanced strategies. How long you benefit from your care and whether you stop care at a certain point or follow through with Wellness Care is always your choice. You deserve the best– an investment in your future health and vitality.

Level 1 – Basic Care in Issaquah WA

Beginning clients DISCOVER something new to deal with stress, anxiety and frustration.

This is introductory care or recovery care and lasts approximately 8-12 weeks. Visits are frequent, usually 3-4 visits per week. This is the acute phase of care at which time you will see big changes in the mechanical and postural distortions of the body. While symptoms are never the main focus of our care here (because we understand that symptoms are purely a sign of a distortion of the nerve system), it is very common at this level of care to see changes in symptoms. Your goal is to gain awareness of your relationship to your spine before, during and after adjustments. The key phrase for Level 1 is “Connect and Release”– connecting to the different parts of your body and releasing the tension and defense postures.

During Level 1 care, we implement gentle and precise touches which help your body release tension. Your brain pays the most attention to gentle touches like this, so they can bring about real change as your dominant surface tensions release. You’ll notice increased flexibility, improved posture and that your breath starts following a “wave” which works with your body, travelling down the spine to relieve tension. This is medically called the “Somato Respiratory Wave” and experiencing it will bring you into better awareness of your body.

Level 2 – Intermediate Care

Intermediate clients TRANSFORM their bodies which harnesses internal energy to heal and connect.

This is intensive corrective or adaptive care and lasts approximately 16-24 weeks. Visits are usually scheduled two times per week. Network Care at this level begins to focus on the more chronic stress patterns in the body that have been destroying your body’s ability to adapt to outside pressures. As the connections from brain to body and parts of the spine to other parts of the spine are reestablished, not only are the spine and nerve systems healthier, but you will notice significant changes in your body’s physiology and function. Your goal is to observe and feel how the body, mind and parts are connected. The key phrase for Level 2 is “Transform and Refine”– transforming physical tension in your body, transforming your relationship to yourself and your life and refining your ability to utilize the stored energy in your body for healing.

In this stage, your body feels safer and has grown used to being adjusted using the gentle touches. This is where we can provide more input to your body using longer touches, different body postures and physical movement. This allows us to deepen the connection between mind and body and relieve even more buried tension. As your body increases it’s ability to self-correct, information flows more freely from the nervous system to the brain and the rest of the body. This is where the “Somato Psychic Wave” develops, which brings a deeper sense of connection, awareness and overall wellness. You will start to notice that life seems more enjoyable as you improve your clarity of mind and your ability to relax, relieving tension and pain.

Level 3 – Advanced Care

Advanced clients AWAKEN their minds and bodies to thrive in the world around them.

This is re-education or integrative care. The spine, nerve system and body are healthier than they have ever been with more flexibility and ease reflected in body and mind. The strategies learned in Levels 1 and 2 are integrated with more advanced spinal strategies allowing the body to “self-correct” more effectively than ever before. Unlike the past, there is usually no need to experience pain (symptoms) as a warning that you are at odds with yourself or your environment. Your heightened awareness of your body functions and cues allows you greater health than ever before. You will feel that you have a wider range of choices and a more empowered sense of yourself. The key phrase for Level 3 is “Awaken and Expand”– awaken to a new perspective and self-correcting abilities while you expand awareness of your connections with everything around you.

At this stage of Network Care, your body has developed strategies which will stay with you the rest of your life. There is not ceiling to the benefits of Network Care, so as you feel thoroughly connected and aware, you can continue to experience positive benefits as you keep receiving Network Care.

Wellness Care

Wellness Care is for those who choose ongoing Network Care in order to further enhance their flexibility and wellness through continual healing and benefits. Research has shown that as of yet there is no ceiling to the continued health benefits of Network Care over time. We see this care as a “Way of Life” that will allow you the greatest relationship to yourself and those around you. The result is that you will experience a sense of ease in everyday life and will find it easy to make and maintain healthy life choices which keep you happy, whole and well.

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