Reorganizational Healing

Don’t just heal. Evolve.

Reorganizational Healing is an approach to life which seeks to reorganize our perceptions in order to improve our experience of life and actually move past a basic level of health and well-being and into a more evolved state of thought and healing. The basic idea is that when we normally meet a stressful situation, life experience, disease or any other stumbling block to our health and happiness, we attempt to fix the present condition and move back to a previous state where we think we were happy, whole and operational. However, this doesn’t actually help us move forward in our wellness or help us to improve our lives beyond where we were before. If you think about it, the behavior and state you were in before actually contributed to the current state you’re in, so moving back won’t help you to progress.

The best answer when faced with stress, disease or pain is to work to move past it using natural healing strategies that help the body and mind not just cope with the problems, but heal and then move past them into a different attitude, behavior and state of consciousness.

The modern Western medical system is primarily based on restorational healing and a colleague of mine aptly calls this approach “woefully ineffective.” Many people who seek help from the modern medical system find themselves stuck in a cycle of medications or constant medical procedures because the focus is on fixing the symptoms using external forces and then sending the patient back to their normal lives. However, those patients are sadly stuck in a cycle which neither solves the inherent issue nor helps them to fundamentally improve their life experience.

This can be seen, in a small-scale way, in the case of stress-induced pain. For instance, if someone is experiencing upper back pain because of stress and tension, they might take some OTC pain medication and temporarily feel better. They will feel less or no pain and consider the problem to be resolved because that is the way they felt before they experienced the tension. Of course, stress-related pain only comes back when the medicine wears off and the actual problem isn’t solved. Reorganizational healing would seek to find a strategy for the body to deal with stress differently because the problem is neither stress nor pain—the problem is that the body is dealing with stress in a way which causes pain. If the body is taught to deal with stress in another way which doesn’t cause pain, then the patient hasn’t just returned to the previous, non-pain state, they have actually evolved past the point where their body even creates that pain in the first place.

At Way of Life Wellness Center, we practice Reorganizational Healing through Network Spinal Analysis and Somato-Respiratory Integration to not only help the body to heal, but to give the body and mind strategies to deal with stress and tension so that our patients can evolve and enjoy a better life experience.

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  • "Thank you so much for the kind and loving work that you have done with me, helping me to reconnect disparate parts of my own! I appreciate it more than I can possibly say."

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