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We offer what could be called an “unusual” path to experiencing less pain, more energy, more vitality, more passion — and ultimately more happiness and an enriched quality of life. On this path, you are guided to be more connected, more authentic and live more in alignment with your highest self.

If you’re looking for cost-effective, cutting-edge alternative solutions to reduce pain, decrease stress and tension and dramatically improve your health and well being, you’ve found the right place. Using a gentle and effective method called Network Chiropractic Care, Way of Life Wellness Center can help your body get rid of the stress and tension that gets stored around the spinal column. Through a series of levels involving light touches (called “entrainments”), we’ll help you move your attention away from the stress and teach your body strategies to actively relieve tension in the future. As you move through the levels of care, you will find that your body’s ability to correct itself improves and, best of all, it will continue to improve the longer you continue care.

Since 1997, Way of Life has been a sanctuary on the cutting edge of Network Care, providing practice members with the room to grow, develop and progress in their consciousness through a better body-mind connection and awareness. We will show you how to revitalize your body through natural healing, which will relieve pain and change your life without the use of pharmaceuticals, back cracking or surgeries. Check out the clients we’ve worked with and what they have to say.

Dr. Shima Silber

Dr. Shima Silber founded Way of Life Wellness Center in 1997 to serve her community with an exceptional chiropractic experience that significantly advances wellness and quality of life.

Dr. Silber attended New York University for Fine Arts and performed internationally as a modern dancer.  After an injury that ended her dance career, she discovered chiropractic and with great results herself, she decided to further her studies.

While getting her Doctorate in Chiropractic at Life University in Atlanta, she was introduced to Network Chiropractic and began studying with the founder.  Now practicing Network Chiropractic for over 20 years with the highest level of certification, Dr. Shima understands the body-mind relationship and is committed to blending physical and emotional wellbeing.  Through health and wellness workshops and lectures bringing you up-to-date health information, Dr. Shima provides you with everything you need to take your body and mind to the next level.

Dr. Shima’s style is energetic, engaging, compassionate and professional.  She has a deep reverence for the body’s ability to recover, self heal and transform and she will empower you to take charge of your health at a pace that is right for you.

Over the last several years she pursued a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Spirituality and in 2013 became a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor.  She is also an active member of the Association for Network Chiropractic and the Washington State Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Deanna Poneman

.Dr. Deanna Poneman has been part of the Network Chiropractic community for over 30 years, having received her first Network adjustment the day she was born by her godfather, who was one of the very first Network Chiropractors. Born in a Transcendental Meditation (TM) community in Fairfield, Iowa, healing, spirituality and the mind-body connection are quite literally in Dr. Deanna’s blood.

After having received her bachelor’s in Fashion Marketing from Columbia College in Chicago and working in the fashion industry, Deanna realized that her true passion was wellness and helping others to experience the excellent health and vitality she had been fortunate to have in her own life. This realization led her to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend Life Chiropractic College West where she received her Doctorate of Chiropractic.

Dr. Deanna now lives in Kirkland, WA with her French Bulldog Ranger, who also loves to receive Network care!

Dr. Danielle Jordan DC


Dr. Danielle Jordan DC is from Sonoma, CA and spent the first half of her career studying medicine as a clinical laboratory scientist. In that environment, it quickly became apparent how disconnected western medicine was from the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of health.

Her journey from disease management to wellness enthusiast began with a life-changing self-healing through nutrition and yoga, followed by an unexpected experience with an energy medicine called Reiki; of which she is also certified. Chiropractic was the final piece to the puzzle. She, like many people, had no idea chiropractic had the ability to create ease and vitality in a person's system with the gentlest of forces.

Dr. Danielle received her undergraduate degree at UC Santa Cruz, did her clinical work at UC San Diego and graduated as Valedictorian from Life Chiropractic College West. She strives to be the healer that empowers her clients to connect with their bodies, their lives and their health in an honoring, respectful and loving way.

Jessica Corner


Jessica has been the Office Manager at Way of Life since 2017. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she moved to Seattle to be closer to her older sister and brother. Before Way of Life, Jessica worked in a traditional chiropractic office. 

After she learned all about how a gentle touch could change the spine more effectively than traditional chiropractic she was hooked and started her position with WOL! In her spare time she likes to hike with her dog (Butters), hangout with her niece and nephews, and spend time with friends.


Hannah started with Way of Life in January 2020. After moving from Oregon she was looking for a fulfilling job in health and wellness. When she met the team at Way of Life, she knew it would be the right fit!

Hannah has enjoyed getting to know the great benefits of gentle touch chiropractic, after breaking her arm and wrist shortly after starting, she was able to get treatment with us and learned how it can help the whole body and mind.

When not at work Hannah enjoys the outdoors, spending time with her dog, Duke, and occasionally making the trip back to Oregon to visit friends and family.

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