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Q. How is Network Care (Network Spinal Analysis) different from traditional chiropractic approaches?

A. The biggest difference comes from the fact that traditional chiropractic approaches tend to focus on misalignments in the spine, assuming that all nerve problems stem from problems there. Network Care seeks to help your body regulate its own stress by teaching it to work in cooperation with itself. In this way, your body regulates nerve problems, rather than requiring the re-alignment of vertebrae for this benefit. We don’t seek to use mechanical methods to adjust the spine as in traditional chiropractic, instead we use an approach which helps the body and mind resolve the tension naturally without back cracking or popping.

Q. What can I expect from a visit to Way of Life Wellness Center?

A. When you participate in Network Care from Way of Life Wellness Center, you should expect a reviving experience. You’ll keep all of your clothes on and lay face-down for an initial evaluation. Using the Network Chiropractic methods, your body will be assessed to determine breathing patterns, tension areas, spine and muscle pose and more. The Network Care will begin with gentle pressure and touches along the spine, and you’ll be asked to participate through breathing and positioning.

During care, you’ll notice that you’ll start breathing deeper and that parts of your spine will adjust slightly as you’re breathing. As your body gets into synch, you’ll find that tension is released. A visit generally lasts around 15-20 minutes and is enough to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Q. What conditions or symptoms are you able to help me with?

A. Because Network Care seeks to release tension in the body and teach the nervous system to heal and adapt to stressors, there are many conditions which can be helped through the application of Network Care, including:

Back pain
Neck Pain
Headaches, tension headaches and migraines
Attention deficit disorder
TMJ problems
Depression & anxiety
Muscle spasms
Disc herniation and injuries
Much more– basically, any condition which would benefit from a healthy nervous system, a healthy mind and greatly reduced stress can benefit from Network Care.

Q. I struggle with controlling stress and keeping it from affecting every part of my life. Can you help with this?

A. Stress is a silent killer and it runs rampant in our culture. Our modern lives are designed to be efficient, not stress-free, and too many of us get caught in a web of stress that we can’t get out of. It can come from our family, friends, job, finances and much more. We feel guilty about stress and the way it can make us act, but most of us don’t know how to free ourselves.

Stress takes a huge toll on the body as well as our personal lives. Your body becomes tense when you are stressed and can start limiting blood and oxygen levels in certain areas. Basically, your body prepares to fight or flee when you become stressed and stays in that state until you become calmer. The chemical and muscle responses to this can cause pain, tension and a slew of other potential health problems.

The problem isn’t that stress exists in our lives. It’s that we don’t know how to unwind from stressful situations. Network Care can help that. Not only will it seek to teach your body healthier ways to deal with the effects of stress, but it also brings you awareness and a closer connection to your body which helps your mind stay centered as you deal with stressful situations. The result is that when you encounter stress you can deal with it healthily, naturally and quickly so you can get back to living your life.

Q. My job requires me to sit in front of a computer all day and I think that’s the source of my constant pain. How can Network Care help with this?

A. Long hours in front of the computer, sitting in a chair, with your hands poised before you on a keyboard can take their toll. Even people with ergonomically optimized chairs and keyboards experience neck and back pain. People with increasingly popular standing desks can get even back pain. We see these problems a lot and we find that it’s generally because most people don’t know how to listen to their body’s cues to move, stretch or reposition. The little pains that we feel throughout the day are signals from the body, but if we can’t read those, we can’t alleviate the pain from the job.

Network Care will not only help your body resolve the pain and tension build-up that can occur at work, but it will also help you to be more in tune and connected with your body so that you can respond to your body’s request for movement. You won’t even need pain signals anymore, you’ll just know how to work with your body to avoid pain before it ever happens.

Q. I’ve been plagued by a pain condition for years and other doctors can’t seem to fix the issue. Can Network Care help me?

A. While we don’t claim to directly diagnose, cure or treat any specific illness, there is plenty of research showing that Network Care can be a remarkably useful tool when resolving and aiding pain issues. In our own experience at Way of Life Wellness Center, we’ve seen patients achieve success in living pain-free lives after working through the problem with Network Care. While medications can provide temporary relief via various methods, Network Care helps your body learn to work with and heal itself. Pain related to a variety of health problems can be successfully managed by the body when the body is given the right tools.

Network Care helps you to make life changes which keeps the pain from coming back. By creating awareness and incorporating the wellness of the whole body into your daily routine, you may be able to bring about a pain-free life for yourself!

Q. How many sessions will I need to really get relief from pain?

A. This varies greatly between different people. Because we are looking to change the body as a whole, there are a lot of factors which can contribute to a faster or slower experience. However, most clients experience relaxation, flexibility and other positive effects on the first day. You might notice that your breathing becomes easier and deeper as well. Your body will begin to shift out of its stressed state and begin to find other ways to relax and develop inner peace. We usually recommend 6-10 weeks for the first course with sessions held twice a week. Many clients use Network Care as a part of their everyday lives, so in many cases patients don’t discontinue this care even after the initial goals are met.

Q. Will my health insurance cover this?

A. That depends. If your health insurance covers chiropractic care, then you might be covered as Network Care is a chiropractic service.

Q. Can I receive Network Care if I am pregnant?

A. Yes. Network Care is gentle and doesn’t involve any back cracking or other strenuous motions on your body. Any time is a good time to start connecting your spirit and body, and pregnancy is no exception. Your body will be going through a lot of stresses and changes, and as Network Care is designed to teach your body to deal with stress, it’s actually a perfect fit.

Q. Is there scientific evidence to support Network Care?

A. Yes! One study through the UC Irvine Medical College found that out of 2500 people studied, the majority of patients receiving Network Care reported a dramatic improvement in their quality of life. Because Network Care is a newer practice which has only recently been implemented into more and more wellness care practices, we can only expect more studies to be coming out in the future. Meanwhile, there are many who are researching the effects of Network Care, including Professor Edmund Jonckheere, a French mathematician, who is exploring and researching the wave which is created during Network Care in depth. To read more research articles, read our Network Care page and navigate to the research section.

Q. Someone told me that if you start going to a chiropractor, you have to keep going forever. Is that the case with Network Care?

A. People make their own decisions about their health care, and we don’t believe that any practitioner looking out for your best interest would try to say that you have to rely on their care for the rest of your life. The goal of Network Care is to improve your overall wellness, not to just give you temporary relief. While many of our patients stay under our care for many years, that is entirely their choice. Many people find that while they can now successfully find wellness in their everyday lives, that they simply like their occasional treatments and the fact that they can keep progressing even long after they’ve achieved happiness. There’s no ceiling when it comes to Network Care, and most have found that the longer they come, the better they feel. However, if you’re just looking to gain the tools you need and to stop seeking care once you’ve gotten the results you want, we will never seek to stop you from making the healthcare decision that you think is best for you.

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